Fly-In 2017

        From the 22nd to the 25th of June 2017, AS Paris will be pleased to welcome 20 EUROAVIAns in the beautiful city of Paris. During these 4 days, the participants will not only visit the touristic places such as “La Tour Eiffel”, “L’Arc de Triomphe”, “Les Champs-Elysées” etc., but also unique places in Paris that only the French know about.

        Fly-In Paris 2017 will take place in June to have the opportunity to visit “Le Salon du Bourget” (also known as the ‘Paris Air Show’), which is one of the biggest airshows in the world!

        The main goal of an event like Fly-In is to introduce the participants to the culture and the aerospace environment surrounding Paris and also to meet and share knowledge with them to expand one’s aerospace professional network.

        This is an event organized by students and so it is necessary to search for external sponsors to help us. In exchange for companies’ contribution, we offer them many opportunities, such as:

 Distribution of printed material that contains information about activities of the company.

 Opportunity to give a speech in our school to present the company to European students.

 Promotion of company’s career opportunity through the Euroavia network


Logo fly-in 2017




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