Simulateur A320

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Pendant plusieurs de nos Journées Portes Ouvertes, M. Gaillard est venu nous montrer son Simulateur A320 que des élèves ont pu découvrir.

More recently, Mr.Gaillard was present in our university for two consecutive days (20 and 21st of March 2015). Students from EPF (School of Engineering) could sign up for one hour of piloting the famous A320 Simulator. The powerful machine is able to take into account the current weather forecast to make the flight as realistic as it can be. Indeed, the machine uses actual Airports, for exemple, the flight the students piloted was Munich to Vienna. A course that A320 fly daily. Of course, this activity was free for everybody and students could drop by at any moment of the day to observe the simulator and discuss with Mr. Gaillard, a passionated by aeronautics. This activity organised by Euroavia Paris was a great success on many levels. Students were able to bring theoretic knowledge into action, for exemple, calculating pressure and speed.

The activity was also opened for maybe future students coming to visit our university on an opening day. The fact that they can see how associations who organise these activities are present in the school community, full of motivation, can motivated them into joining our school and even the Euroavia association.